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Buffalo Indie Weddings Member Spotlight : Lloyd’s Taco Truck + Catering

“It’s our goal to bring you the best food possible, and that means the best ingredients possible. We eat this way and we want our customers to join us in eating this way.”

Lloyd’s Taco Truck & Catering

Oh the joy. I’m sure we can all relish in the memory of the last Lloyd’s taco that was inhaled whether it was for lunch, dinner, snack, or midnight snack! They were the first food truck to pop up in Buffalo, and have certainly sparked a movement! Great food on wheels – what could be better?! Oh yeah… bringing them to your wedding!

(Knight Studio)


Lloyd’s can cater your entire event, drop off the food or wheel the truck up and serve your guests into the wee-hours of the night as the party rages!

As if the amazing taste of the food they create wasn’t enough, they are avid advocates for better quality ingredients and supporting sustainable and local farmers. They list right on their site where they source their products and encourage local farms to participate!

No wonder those taco’s taste so good!

Lloyd’s will be at the next event on October 5th at Asbury Hall – truck and all!! Once you’ve made it through the event (and after a few cocktails) stop at the truck for a bite! You can also speak with the catering manager about how you can get Lloyd’s at your wedding!

Lloyd’s Taco Truck & Catering


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