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Buffalo Bridal Beauty and Fashion from the Runway at 500 Pearl!

When it comes to Buffalo bridal beauty and fashion, just check out the looks from our runway at 500 Pearl bridal show last month! Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe and All Dolled Up Beauty Bar worked together seamlessly to bring new brides the newest, most vibrant wedding looks sure to make heads turn! Here is a quick recap for you to use while you’re shopping!

  1. Plunging necklines are still happening. Front – AND back! If you’re unsure about this style, or want a bit more coverage – check ahead to make sure the bridal shop can get a hold of some extra lace of fabric for your tailors!

  2. Trendy necklines are making their way in! You can expect to see interesting cut outs, square shapes and sexy lacing across the back!

  3. Lace reigns supreme! Victoria’s brides are allll about that lace! Lace is getting even more intricate and dimensional. Don’t be afraid to try on a dress with interesting lace patterns!

  4. A solid, seamless wedding day look always begins with a fresh, clean face. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin from the inside out, ladies! The girls at All Dolled Up will just enhance everything you’ve got!

  5. Dimensional eyes are a favorite at All Dolled Up, with colors ranging from blues to purples that blend to a smokey look.

  6. Lip colors are and should always be a personal preference. Rock a color that best fits your complexion and dress!

Lastly, can we talk for a minute about these photos?! Sarah Wintle Photography captured these gorgeous models so effortlessly! They all truly look like beautiful, blushing brides! Thanks, Sarah!

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