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Bridal Beauty Trends with Salon Elizabeth : Convertible Beauty


Elizabeth  Dugan has been working within the beauty industry in WNY since 1999 and is about to celebrate the grand opening of her own salon, Salon Elizabeth! She and her team offer concierge beauty services, as well as a private bridal suite in the salon of special occasion styling, makeup and manicures with the highest standards for quality and the fiercest drive for newness and trends in the beauty world. Attending workshops several times a year, Lizzy is known for bringing the hottest and newest ideas for makeup and hair to the bridal industry, and she is a veteran Buffalo Indie Weddings member! (Photo Ayres Photography)

Sometimes it IS okay to have it all. Your wedding day is definitely one of those times when you should have it all! You may have envisioned a light and fresh look for your afternoon ceremony, with champagne eyelids and a nude/pink lip. This look is gorgeous and is perfect for walking down the aisle, but may not be what you are picturing for your evening reception look.


While it would be lovely if our hair and makeup stylists could just accompany us to the wedding, I don’t think anyone I’ve met is quite at that diva status. Listed are a few DIY ways to change up your look from the ceremony to the evening reception.

Let’s start with a convertible hairstyle idea, the “hidden braid.” If your planning on wearing your hair down or half down, this will be the perfect set up for a little change at any point in the day. The braid will be covered by the rest of your hair for the ceremony, but you can simply sweep your hair to the side and toss it into a side pony and expose the creation!


Aside from hairstyle tricks like the hidden braid, it’s amazing how much hair accessories can change your look. A few hours into your reception, why not get bold and add a few accent flowers or embellished combs or bobbies to your style.  They can be pinned in and placed in minutes by almost anyone who has ever used a bobby pin 😉


Who doesn’t love a plump glossy lip? For your ceremony, if you prefer to keep things soft, opt for a nude pink tone lip gloss with a shade deeper liner to make your lips  look fuller. Be sure to pack a deeper shade to swipe your lips before you walk into the reception to create a more dramatic look.


As the lights dim into the evening a lighter makeup application may not “pop” as much as it did earlier in the day in natural lighting. A dusting of bronzer on your face, décolletage and arms will give your beauty and extra radiance into the evening.

Salon Elizabeth opens July 2016! Grand Opening Celebration August 7th!


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