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Bridal Beauty: The hottest braids of the season!

Elizabeth Dugan specializes in hair and makeup design for your wedding day, shower and bachelorettes or every day styling! Her passion is creating beauty that allows for a woman’s natural beauty to shine and making them feel and look their best. Currently working both in the Teez Hair Salon and on location, she has been making the wonderful city of Buffalo beautiful since 1999. Not only does Lizzy love creating, but she also loves educating her clients so they can recreate styles at home.

Do you have a few shorter hairs that you would like tucked away all day? A braided crown may be for you! Do you love fluff and texture? Sounds like a rustic pancake braid will be joining you on your wedding day! I have seen braided hairstyle trends come and go and right now I can’t get enough of these inspiration braided up-do’s!

Braided crowns look beautiful with varying sizes of braids!

Work some flowers into a romantic fishtail braid!

A half up, half down style with a wide, pancake braid let’s you have it all!

Or go really boho and wild with a fluffed knotted braid!

Braids are a fabulous way to add a little more interest to your common bridal hairstyle. Basic, french, rolled up or fluffed out, I am head over heals in love with braids! The styles above have been walking down the aisle for a few seasons and they will be staying around for 2015, but I had to add a little twist of course to some of my brides!

A wide braid that curves down the side of the head twists into a loose bun.

This braid starts low and I turned it into the bun!

Just love, LOVE a wide pancake braid to play up the beautiful highlights I put in her hair!

Starting off with a braid at the crown of the head, it just falls into soft, beautiful curls around her shoulder!

One of my favorites! A combination fishtail, knotted loose braid for a photo shoot with Lydia Maybee!

And here it is from the back!

Now Lets create!

There are definitely some beauty products in my kit that I 110% would recommend, especially if you will be taking on the job of braiding yourself. Here are a few tips and tools to help you on your way to creating some beautiful braids:

~ Texturizing Spray Mist a product like this over the hair to give it little grit and texture. My favorite is Rare Rustic Crafts Coconut Sea Salt Hair Spray. Locally made fabulousness in a bottle. Packed with Argan oil, Avocado oil ,Sea salt and other natural goodness. The perfect product for braiding prep.

~ 1 inch diameter curling iron By using a curling iron first this will give your braid a bit more softness and romance. Start by creating some loose waves by taking 1 inch square sections. Clamp the iron closest to the root and slowly feed the hair through until the ends pull through. To create a more finger wave look for your braid, hold the iron horizontal and wrap the hair around the iron without clamping the hair. This is beautiful around the fringe area.

~Jumbo bobby pins Sometimes called “roller pins,” these are the big boys who will help your style last all night. These types of pins can be found at most of your beauty supply shops.

~ A great finishing spray To help smooth seal and give your style lasting power. Many think the stronger the hold the better, wrong! A holding spray that is too heavy may weigh the style down, look for a light to medium hold product.

~When your beautiful braid is complete give the hairs a few little tugs to create extra volume and texture. Who doesn’t love a jumbo braid!

~ Lastly, add some fun accessories! No style, be it a braid or another would be complete without an accessory! Flower Crowns, broaches or a poof of tulle, let your accessory added be a reflection of you! A few of my Favorites? Why of course anything from these locally owned businesses! Wild Things Buffalo , E.P.H Flower Crowns , made by anatomy and Owllamode.

Today’s popular styles are definitely a touch more rustic and freestyle, so don’t get discouraged if a few hairs are out of place or a piece drapes out. This just adds more beauty to the look!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or for more tips, or if you’re in need of a fabulous new-do!

xoxo Lizzy

Elizabeth Dugan Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

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