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Bridal Accessories Inspiration with B In a Bonnet


Hey Brides, Hey!   My name is Beth and I’m the owner/designer at B in a Bonnet,  and oh how I love all things bridal.  My love affair with weddings started at a very young age.  I was a bleary eyed eight year old when my Mom woke me up for Princess Diana’s wedding at 5 am, and back then you had to watch live television! In between spoonfuls of lucky charms, and my Mom saying how wrinkled Diana’s dress had become, I became mesmerized by her 25 foot train.  I was instantly fascinated – Total goner!  The bridal bug had bit me.  

Transforming vintage & current supplies into bridal accessories is B in a Bonnet’s specialty.  I specialize in reconstructions of bridal gowns into bridal belts & headpieces.  Whether I find my goodies at antique stores, estate sales, or a thrift stores, I always squeeze as much love and fabulousness into every piece. Every bride should feel her most fabulous on the wedding day!  Just like Princess Diana, only less wrinkly!

The tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” is as old as time it seems, but modern couples are all about shaking up tradition. With so many great local vendors here in WNY to source unique products and inspiration from, you can really make this olden tradition new!

Sources say that this tradition started in the Victorian era, and was designed to represent good luck tokens for the blushing bride on her wedding day.  The Victorian era is famously named after Queen Victoria.  Now, Miss Vicky was said to be a feisty gal with an imposing reputation all within her teeny tiny 5 foot frame.  Side note – she married her husband, Prince Albert, (also, her cousin) at the ripe old age of 16 in 1842.  She was also said to have started the ‘white’ wedding dress trend.  With all the folklore that surrounds this cheeky Queen, it’s not surprising that a pair of her panties were sold at auction in 2015 for $16,500! Damn, girl.

With all the madness that encompasses wedding planning, sometimes sweet traditions get lost in the bridal mix. So in honor of the Queen, pull up your bridal undies, breathe, take a swig from your box o’ wine, and let’s reboot this nuptial institution 21st century style!

Something Old Community with the bride’s family or past

Brittney Leigh’s bouquet charm is a lovely remembrance of an important person who can’t be with you on your special day.  The memory it celebrates is so special, and wedding’s are the ultimate celebration.


The team at Made by Anatomy, located in the historical Hotel Lafayette, creates custom, handmade wedding gowns, and heirloom bridal gown reconstructions. How wonderful having your Mom’s “old” dress transformed into your something “new!” Stefan Ludwig Photography / Made by Anatomy / Fern Croft Floral )

Something New Optimism for the bride’s new life

Bella Belle Shoes, an indie bridal shoe label offers a fresh, handmade interpretation of the wedding shoe.  These stunning, embroidered golden lace wedding heel are everything! Everything! ( Liz Fogarty Photography )

Where is it written in the bridal rule book that you can’t wear a fun crop-top wedding gown? It’s most definitely something NEW!  This amazing two piece number by Willow by Watters is available at Something Blue by LeeAndi’s!


Say “Bye-Bye!” to your standard white satin wedding clutch, and say “Hello!” to this fabulous Kate Spade clutch.  It’s the perfect amount of whimsy to house all your wedding day essentials.

Something Borrowed

A token from a happily married friend or family member. This memento can be as sweet and simple as wearing Mom’s, Grandma’s, Aunt’s, Sister’s, Best Friend, Cousin’s, treasured piece of jewelry. Make sure to have your photographer capture the moment, then frame the photo and give it to the lender at the next celebration.

Something Blue The origin dates back to ancient Rome, when brides wore blue to symbolize love.  The tradition continued through the late 19th century, and blue was the popular choice for wedding gowns.


B in a Bonnet’s blue bridal headband is the quintessential hair accessory with it’s vintage charm. Stand out from the crowd with this one one-of-a-kind beauty showcasing double faced satin ribbon, hand-tied blooms, and antique accents.  It also performs double duty as a bridal sash for your wedding gown.


The ancient Romans believed blue symbolized love.  Is there a better representation of love than flowers from Williams Florist and Gift House?  A something blue bouquet is perfect for the bride who would rather carry her symbol than wear it.

Something Upcycled, too!

Converting old or discarded materials into something new. OK, so this isn’t part of the traditional folklore saying… but we’re updating tradition! A big trend that’s spanning across nearly every area of our lives these days is upcycling, recycling, and reusing.


Let’s not forget about our grooms, ladies!  Get them involved by having him welcome his future, while wearing a little bit of his past with these awesome cufflinks.  Tre Bird’s Katie McGinnis, converts old skateboard decks and transforms them into unique conversation pieces.  Perfect for the groom who would rather flip through the pages of TransWorld than The Knot.


 In the world of bridal flowers, the groom’s boutonniere is usually an afterthought.  Made from a loved one’s bridal gown, B in a Bonnet’s boutonniere pays tribute to any special gal in your groom’s life.  It’s such a sweet, sentimental way to honor a loved one.


Now the saying finishes with “And a sixpence in your shoe.” But since we’re not in jolly old England, let’s represent our ‘Queen City’ with a vintage Buffalo NFT coin.  After the nuptials are complete, and your tan from your honeymoon is starting to fade, take your coin to your favorite local jeweler and have them put it on a necklace for you.  Now that’s a ‘token’ of your wedding you can wear everyday.

Follow up with B In a Bonnet on Facebook and Instagram to see what she’s whipping up next, and make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter to stay in touch with all of the most up-to-date news and giveaways!

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