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AlanAdetolArts Artistic Approach to Wedding Photography

Buffalo native, Alana Adetola Fajemisin finds herself somewhere in between the ‘artist’ and ‘professional’ when she approaches her medium: photography! This perspective gives her work a unique style and beautifully genuine quality. “My photography is my art, it’s my life. I like to think of myself as an artist who ‘straddles’ the fine line between professional commercial photography and conceptual fine-art photography. I am not all one thing or the other. My work is multi-faceted. I will never shy away from any one project. I want it all!” We can see exactly what she means when you look at her work! She focuses on truth and beauty when she’s capturing a couple’s love story, so she encourages her couples to really relax, be themselves and just love each other!

To learn more about Alana and see more of her work, reach out to her from our directory listing here!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who would like to be featured and join the party, find more details right here!

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