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Adventure Wedding Photography with Lydia Maybee Photography

Indigenous to Western New York, Lydia Maybee specializes in adventure wedding photography for outside the box thinkers and wilderness lovers, which create the ultimate wedding and adventure experience. As the storyteller and visionary behind Lydia Maybee Photography, she has been documenting couples “adventure into marriage” for 10 years.

Adventure has become a buzzword in the wedding industry, however Lydia Maybee Photography focuses on it being in the realm of loving another and how it translates to marriage. The definition of adventure is unique in each narrative. Lydia helps couples deep dive and define adventure for them, and then create an experience in and outside the wedding day that provides unforgettable images that reflect their story. This is the heart of her Adventure Session. After the wedding day, they will explore locally or jump on a plane in search of terrain that showcases their heart behind adventure.

Whether it’s camping overnight in a cozy tent together, jumping into the ocean, or sleeping in the car to hike the summit for sunrise, Lydia has heard countless stories about unforgettable memories for a couple – when they didn’t have a camera. She discovers ways to put a post-wedding shoot together that encompasses what made that memory unique, and creates an experience that reflects it. She has created itineraries in Iceland, booked an Airbnb in the Adirondacks to shoot in, and set up the food for a table in the woods. It’s a collaborative project and her clients consistently share that this experience, outside the wedding day, has been the most unexpected highlight of their adventure into marriage.

After being a part of so many perfect days where lovers and families have become one, Lydia’s passion for her work has shifted. The real love behind the industry came from witnessing two people making a vow. This is where the color scheme and table details go quiet and the foundation beneath their relationship comes through. She sees it as a gift to encourage and sometimes grieve with couples as they share what is most important to them. Although she enjoys photographing all the carefully thought out details of a wedding, spending quality time with couples reveals the depths of their love for one another and what the first season of marriage is all about.

A word that has become a strong pillar in language with couples is “intentional.” It’s easy to pour over all the possibilities of what the wedding day or adventure session could look like. A question Lydia consistently asks is “what is the purpose” and “what experience is this providing you and your guests”. She asks a lot of questions, never assumes, and is always thinking ahead. When couples book with her, they know they have homework. The purpose serves that on the wedding day or when the plane lands, all of the work is done. Everyone can relax and enjoy what they have come together to build.

Reach out to Lydia Maybee Photography through our directory here! There you will also find a variety of reliable wedding vendors for every aspect of your day. Find inspiration on our blog, and follow us on the socials for events, giveaways and more info!

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