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Add Character To Your Wedding With Blue Violet Wedding Design and Rentals!

Rentals have been completely redefined with the arrival of small businesses like Blue Violet Wedding Design! What better way to give your guests a truly unique experience than to transform the space around them? At Blue Violet, their goal is simple: create beautiful customized events with a vintage flair. Using pieces from their own collection of curated antiques, they combine the benefits of both rental and design services. They design and set-up, you arrive and enjoy the wedding magic that’s created, catered to your vision.

“We love the idea of giving antique finds a new life, and celebrating their unique character. By combining elements of old-world charm and modern bohemian edge, we offer a design service for the free-spirited. We work to provide an innovative approach to wedding design, unlike any other event design service in the Western New York area.” Get to know more about Elisabeth and Blue Violet’s offerings on our web directory here!

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