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Thoughtful One Month Out Wedding Tips from Verve Event Co.

Last week, my friend Desiree at Verve Events emailed the most thoughtful one month out wedding tips. This. 👏 Is. 👏 What. 👏 Community is all about! I was so moved by her consideration that I just had to share her tips. Thank you SO much, Desiree for thinking of me and I feel so ready to get married! Haha.. kinda…!

Desiree behind the scenes at a wedding with Jenny Berliner Photography

1) Create a cheat sheet schedule for others in the wedding

Put together an abbreviated schedule for your wedding party and family so they understand the big picture and can see where they fit in. This can be a Word Document that includes all of the information: who, what, wear, when, how. Usually, I draft this for my couples and they send it to their wedding party.

2) Build in reminders throughout the day

You can do this either with a phone alarm or ask a member of the wedding party to remind you to stop and just take everything in. It really goes by SO. FAST.

3) A really solid run-of-show will help you get yourself and your vendors organized.

Take time to send it to them now (or when it’s in a good place) and again about a week or 2 from the wedding so they can understand the flow of the day and where they fit in. Also, build in extra time for hair and makeup to run late (it often does, so 15-20 mins extra). Finally, if you’re hiring any kind of transportation, even just to the venue and back, have a separate schedule just for them. Transportation can really cause a lot of headaches if something goes awry.

I can’t thank you enough, Desiree! Your love, support and friendship are evident in everything you do! Your quick one month out wedding tips will be so helpful for me, and I hope many others reading this! Desiree also makes herself available to answer any questions you have on her Instagram page every week! Let’s get married!

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