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DIY Paper Marbling with Rochester Brainery!

Back in April at our bridal show at Westminster, The Rochester Brainery had tons of fun DIY’ing with our brides and grooms! We love bringing a hands on element to our bridal shows, so vendors like The Rochester Brainery come with supplies in tow, and teach engaged couples a new thing or two! You can take a break from the wedding planning excitement and sip your cocktail while you try a new craft!

Sue Egan Photography

If you’ve never been to The Roc Brainery, you really have to check it out. It’s Rochester’s DIY dreamland! Even if you’re not particularly DIY savvy, there are over 30 classes a month to try out, ranging from calligraphy, to gardening, to jewelry making and so much more! That’s not all that The Rochester Brainery offers, though! You can pop into any of their open working sessions for a cool, quiet and productive atmosphere. You can also rent their space for meetings, workshops or… EVENTS! That’s right! You can have your own special event, like birthday party, shower, or even wedding right there in The Rochester Brainery! The space is also a gallery, so while you’re enjoying your DIY craft session or bridal shower, you and yours will have beautiful, local art to gaze upon!

Materials Aluminum tray | Masking tape | Paper | Paper towels | Wax paper | Shaving cream | Wooden paint mixers | Toothpick or skewer stick | Squeegee | Food coloring

Set Up

Mix it Up

Apply the Paper

Peel and Squeegee


Thanks so much to Ashley Poulton, the paper marbling extraordinaire for the tutorial! Keep following us and checkin’ in for new DIY ideas, giveaways and wedding inspiration! And head over to The Rochester Brainery to try your hands at something new! You might surprise yourself 😉

The Rochester Brainery WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter 585.730.7034 | 176 Anderson Ave. F109 • Rochester, NY 14607


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