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5 Reasons Why You Should Elope in 2021

I’m like you – holding out hope that this summer weddings will start to normalize. Hopefully we won’t have to distance, wear face coverings and limit the guest count. Most importantly, hopefully we can dance and really party! I mean, that’s pretty much the entire point for me to have my reception since I already eloped in February or 2020. I have postponed by reception three times already. Here’s to hoping this October, 2021 will make it! On that topic, I’ve got 5 reasons why you should elope in 2020 that I want to share.

This is hard. Putting your dreams that you’ve had for years on hold is hard. Having to surrender deposits and find new vendors all over again is hard. Potentially starting from square one is hard. SO hard. For the couples who have had to make these tough decisions – and I feel your pain and disappointment too. You are entitled to feel how you’re feeling. However, I’m never one to settle too long in the negative. So let me try and brighten up your situation for you!

This might not even apply to you directly, but maybe you know someone who’s going through this right now. Regardless, I wanted to share with you my own experience of eloping with my husband and how it was the best decision we made. Maybe it inspires you to seek out the same sort of experience. This is something that is within your reach right now – so hear me out while I share 5 reasons why you should elope in 2020 and celebrate big next year.

Eloping allowed Michael and I to focus on each other and the marriage part.

You can forget about the bows for the chair covers and the orientation of the centerpieces on the tables for now. There are so many facets to the wedding day, that it’s so easy to get lost in it all. (Reason number 4,366 why you should hire a coordinator! 😘) The most important part of the big day is THE MARRIAGE! You’re making a commitment to share your lives with each other forever! You’ll be entwined with each other in every single way! You’re getting so in deep, that getting out is so very difficult (and expensive). It’s a huge deal to marry someone, guys! I know you all know this. So if you elope this year, you’re giving yourselves the gift of space to let the focus be on your marriage.

We had more time to ourselves and were able to make more of the entire wedding day together.

Since we eloped in Mexico with a group of 30, we had organized an excursion for the morning-of. The Custom Tour took us all on such an unforgettable adventure, the whole day was made that much more amazing. After visiting the Mayan ruins, we zip lined, cliff jumped and swam in the glorious cenotes! The end to the adventure was an incredible meal prepared by the local villagers at the park. Spending that time with our friends and family in that way was something that was important to us. Everyone got a chance to rest up a bit afterwards before the ceremony.

With the small amount of guests, there were less people to have to greet and thank. This allowed for Michael and I to really take our time together in the moments where it was just us.

The celebration and excitement lives longer.

Umm, you’re basically having two weddings. Anyone who has been married will tell you this fact: you never want the party to end! So – drag that ish out and celebrate as much as possible! If you can’t get married on the original date – make that a special day for the two of you! Turn it into an opportunity for a weekend trip or a night out where you shower each other in love. It sucks to have to wait longer – but you can celebrate right now if you elope!

We could really create our own traditions in a non-traditional setting.

Just about every element of the ceremony was somewhat unscripted and relaxed. We allowed our guests to get involved in however they wanted. After all, the group was the closest people to us – so if they wanted to share anything they were welcomed. My mother wrote her own passage for us which was SO SPECIAL and lovely. My maid of honor read a favorite passage. Another close friend officiated the wedding and added so many personal touches.

Being that we were in Mexico, we also wanted to bring in elements from our surroundings! We gathered sand the morning of the wedding with London, Michael’s daughter for the sand pouring ceremony we did as a family. She has that memento now at home to always remind her of the experience we all shared that day. Michael and I also foraged for palms and greens for our ceremony backdrop the day before. This provided yet another chance for us to get away and let the magic all soak in. Lastly, we had a Mariachi band playing for the ceremony!

Hey – it’s another occasion to wear a wedding dress!

I mean… right?! Take it from someone who has had two of three wedding celebrations so far: the feeling of wearing a special wedding dress never gets old! I’ve had the rehearsal dress, the elopement dress and the city hall dress with one more to go!

I hope these 5 reasons why you should elope in 2020 are making you consider the short term alternatives to waiting to get married until next year. What if there was a way for you to have a dreamy little wedding ceremony now, and you could save the reception for next year with the click of a button?! It’s totally possible!

All photos above courtesy Lydia Maybee Photography and The Custom Tour

Our 2021 Elopement Solution:

With COVID 19 forcing weddings and large gatherings to cancel or postpone, so many of us within the wedding biz have pivoted to still give you guys the best wedding experience on a more intimate level! Local vendors across Upstate NY have created curated themed packages so that your marriages can happen this year called Micro Weddings and Showers! Get married now and party later, folks! Check out more details on our blog post right here!

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