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The Clean Bee Organics

Simple Beauty.

What We Offer:

The Clean Bee Organics is where beauty meets nature. We create skin care with natural ingredients and essential oils that both feed your skin and are kind to the planet. From luxurious lotion bars to gentle sugar scrubs, every product in our collection is free from toxic preservatives and artificial fragrances. Our packaging is also eco-friendly and reusable, leaving behind no plastic waste. Whether you are looking to refresh your daily routine or indulge in self-care, we have a product that will lead you to happier, healthier skin. Let The Clean Bee create unique favors and gift boxes that are perfect for pampering brides, her bridesmaids, and her shower guests!

Special Offer: The bride may fill a box for herself with three products she loves, on us!


Stacey Jafarjian

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