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Welcome Sarah Midden Wedding Photography

Welcome, Sarah Midden Wedding Photography to the Indie Weddings Crew! Sarah grew up near Lake George and loved it. She credits her upbringing in shaping who she is today. The long hikes in the foothills of the Adirondacks and spending summers camping around Lake George ingrained a deep love of nature and organic beauty in her soul that carried over to her photography. It’s what influenced her decision to become a photographer.

Passion for the work

After becoming a mother, she wanted to capture and preserve life’s fleeting moments. Life is always busy, especially in a fast-paced society. It’s more important than ever to slow down and enjoy moments of happiness and love. Sarah’s grateful for the opportunity to preserve those moments, big and small, for her clients. What also makes Sarah Midden wedding photography special is the enthusiasm for continuing education. Though she has years of experience under her belt, Sarah thrives on learning from others & building her business.

Giving back to the community

Much like our other Indie members, Sarah’s business gives back to the local community and its people. It’s a great opportunity to further relationships with fellow local small business owners, which is something we encourage as Indie Members. It goes past wanting to sell a service, it’s about connecting with people and establishing that sense of community. Sarah knows that planning a wedding is a deeply personal experience and loves connecting with her couples.

Calming presence amongst chaos

This wedding photographer knows firsthand how overwhelming the entire wedding process is and assists her clients with timeline help, coaching for shots and any other details that can make the day easier on the couple. Her calming personality is a great quality to have in a photographer because it trickles over to the rest of the event. Sarah ensures you have the shots you want and still have enough time to enjoy your celebration.

After the wedding, Sarah creates a keepsake album for couples to have as an heirloom piece. We know that everyone’s going digital. However, print images are so personal. It’s the perfect gift to pass down from generation to generation. Sarah has a talent for capturing the beauty in the moment but also the natural surroundings in the background.

Want to reach out to Sarah? Hit up her directory listing! Follow her socials!

If you’re an Upstate wedding entrepreneur with a side hustle, join the Indie Crew!

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