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Try-Worthy DIY Wedding Crafts with MBellished Events: Piñata Guest Book


Hey ladies – It’s Melissa from M bellished Events!

   At MBellished Events, we specialize in creative and crafty ways to personalize any event – weddings, showers, birthdays, and other celebrations. We can help you add personal touches that are chic, distinctive and elegant; that express you and your personality. Utilizing a collaborative process, we will listen to your ideas, and help you create the event that best expresses you.

   We have a blast sponsoring the DIY Department at the Buffalo and Rochester Indie Weddings’ spring bridal shows!  It is so great to see so many brides getting their craft on! For us, when we think of a memorable event – it’s the smallest details that set it apart, the personal touches that represent you and your personality.  With the explosion of Pinterest and Etsy – we know that brides have fallen in love with DIY projects and the crafted wedding look.  We can help you get that look that give your special day a creative, unique touch.

 I find that couples are always looking for a fun alternative to the traditional guest book, and well, I’ve found it – the Anniversary Piñata!  Each guest writes a message – whether it is a joke, a note, well wishes or words of advice on a piece of paper and places it inside a piñata.  A year later, the happy couple opens it (with the traditional “stick method” or by another means) to reveal all their guests messages.This is the perfect DIY wedding project for those who want to inject a little festivity into their wedding celebration.  To bring this idea to life, all you need is a piñata, paper, pens and a sign telling your guests what to do.  Your piñata can be whimsical, traditional or anything meaningful to you.

We thought the Anniversary Piñata was a perfect fit for our bride and groom – Ashley and Michael seeing they met at a Halloween party where she was dressed as a piñata! We created a colorful fringed heart piñata that perfectly fit their fun party style!  To us, nothing says party like a piñata!



  1. Cardboard

  2. Tape

  3. Scissors (we used fringing scissors)

  4. Glue stick

  5. Tissue paper

  6. Sharpies or pens

  7. Paper for guests to write their messages on

  8. Sign with directions


  1. Cut cardboard into two large hearts and two 5 inch wide strips

  2. Assemble the heart shape with tape. Remember to leave an open slit at the top so you can easily fill the piñata.  If you choose to hang your piñata, insert a string before attaching the other side.

  1. Cut 2 inch wide strips of tissue paper. Cut fringe into the bottom half of the tissue strips.  We used fringe scissors, but regular scissors will work.


  1. Begin attaching the tissue paper fringe strips to the structure, starting with the outside edge.

  2. Now that the sides are covered, continue to affix the tissue paper fringe strips to the heart using glue.  Start from the bottom of the heart and work your way up, so your fringe is not covered by other layers.  Trim the ends of each row so the fringe is flush with the heart shape.

  3. Continue adding fringe detail until both sides of the piñata are covered completely.


Now, not only do you have the top of your wedding cake to look forward to on your 1st anniversary – you have the excitement of busting open this piñata! If you love the idea of DIY, but that’s about it, you can always order one of these awesome little piñata guest books! I can customize to suit your wedding theme, so get in touch with me today!!

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