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Spotlight: iSmile Spas Upgrades Buffalo Smiles

iSmile Spas upgrades smiles with their quality, non-invasive, non-sensitive teeth whitening and straightening services in the first teeth whitening spa in Buffalo, New York. It’s one of the happiest days of your life, you’re going to be cheesing non-stop, and you’ll want to feel confident in your smile. Did we mention it’s not crazy expensive? It’s a win-win! iSmile Spas is upgrading Buffalo smiles for weddings.

Dr. Todd Shatkin and his team will make you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the doors. iSmile Spas upgrades smiles with the latest technology and whitening systems in their new facility. Even better, they have bonus on-site dentists to evaluate each patient’s needs, making the process that much quicker! So efficient! SO MUCH YES! Ain’t nobody got time to be waiting for hours at the Dr.’s office anymore, are we right? 

iSmile understands that many aren’t happy with their teeth color, and it’s common! Take all the pictures you want and show off those pearly whites! There’s no shame! However, listen up all of our smokers, coffee & red wine drinkers: iSmile recommends that you stay away from smoking, dark food or drinks for 48hrs. To the red wine drinkers: switch to white! Try to stay away from anything that stains your teeth, especially before the big day. Adding on to the experience, you could have a spa moment (because, why not?) and opt for a 30-minute hand massage and warming moisturizer treatment while you’re there! With many options out there, Dr. Shatkin makes the process easy and fun!

In an hour, you could have everything done in four swift steps:

  1. First, iSmile places a protective barrier over your gums to protect them while they put the iSmile gel on your teeth.

  2. Next, they apply their advanced whitening gel over your teeth.

  3. After, a LED mouthpiece is placed in your mouth that activates the whitening gel. This step is repeated three times at 16-minute intervals.

  4. Lastly, they remove the mouthpiece, you rinse, and that’s it!

The best part about iSmile Spas is that it’s a family operated business, making everything more intimate. Like all of our Indie members, customers are iSmile’s priority. They go above and beyond to accommodate everyone that comes to see them. Dr. Shatkin has dedicated his life to his patients and family and wants to spread the love. The days of being scared to go to the dentist are over! iSmile makes you feel warm and comfortable. They are with you every step of the way and answer any questions you’ll have.

However, not only do they provide teeth whitening services, but iSmile also provides teeth cleanings, uses Krystal Klear Aligners to straighten teeth and provides full dental services, too. You’re gonna be looking hella good when you walk out! And the fun doesn’t stop there, with your take-home whitening kit, you can use it for 15-30 minutes every day (as long as there’s no pain or discomfort). But how nice is that? You can keep the smile going on your honeymoon!

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To contact iSmile directly, go see their directory for more information & follow their socials!

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