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Solstice Wedding Inspiration at Maison Albion Wedding Venue

Our solstice wedding inspiration styled shoot at Maison Albion is so moody and romantic. Dark, rich and velvety colors combined with glamorous shiny crystals and lush florals to create the perfect fall or winter wedding inspo. For this shoot, we took inspiration from pagan traditions and merged them with mystical energy for a modern couple. Our styled shoots are created by some of the most talented, local wedding vendors around. Here is the list of vendors who made this shoot happen!

COORDINATED BY Upstate Indie Weddings

PLANNING / DESIGN Good Neighbor Events

FLORALS / DECOR Bushel EventsI Am Magick

SIGNAGE / INVITES Graphic Poetry Invitations

BEAUTY Hair The Loft Salon 716  | Make Up Laura Amaya Beauty

RENTALS Shared Treasures Rental

ACCESSORIES Love Lake Valley |  Gilded Scarab

ATTIRE Women’s Lovely Bride Rochester | Men’s Amazon and their own items

MODELS Angelica + Kyle | Ashley + Rick

Solstice Wedding Inspiration

On the winter solstice, we say goodbye to fall and welcome winter. Additionally, it’s the longest day of the year – so put your party pants on and get ready to dance all night! Many cultures celebrate the solstice, or something close to it. St. Lucia’s Day, Yalda, and Christmas as the most popular. The Pagan traditions of Yule are our main source for our solstice wedding inspiration.

Ever since I got married, I realize how important it is to have meaningful connections with those involved in my wedding. Yes, we want the big party and the bells and whistles. However, I’m a huge proponent of incorporating as many intimate experiences as possible.  Let’s not forget that the wedding day is chaotic and quick! Here at Indie Weddings, we will always promote ideas that provide opportunities to slow down and connect.

That’s one of the reasons I loved the Pagan traditions for a winter wedding. Creating an altar space to meditate or pray with the healing energy of crystals. Setting aside time to have your tarot cards read and think about your intentions for the next year. Hand fastening to enhance the intimate bond during the ceremony. Celebrating with a warm feast of snacks and small bites to encourage mingling. In addition, gathering around a yule log or bonfire. In short, there are many reasons to bring solstice wedding inspiration into your own celebration.

Yule Traditions in Your Wedding

The Yule celebration is one where you make resolutions for the year to come. Furthermore, it’s where you bring new ideas to life. What better day to celebrate a marriage? For a fun, alt twist, we incorporated mystical energy to further the concept of dreaming big dreams and setting intentions. I Am Magick, a local metaphysical gift shop in Buffalo curated a collection of crystals for the occasion. Read more about the significance and meaning behind each crystal right here!

Pulling inspiration from the origins of Yule traditions, evergreens and mistletoe, faux animal horns and crystals adorned our Yule altar. To set intentions, provide a tarot reading station at your wedding! Focus on the root chakra and incorporate deep reds in your invitations and florals as we have. It is the grounding force that empowers us and connects us to the earths energies. Using solar symbols like the sun, moon and stars ties back to the astrological relevance of the holiday. Lastly, there is always a feast on the Yule!

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