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Silver Dust Visuals Wedding Photography

Creator and visionary of Silver Dust Visuals wedding photography, Sam DeMartin is a 26 year old photographer currently residing in Buffalo. Her passion however is not just photography, but people. Couples who book with Sam will enjoy a thorough consultation process, that will leave them feeling confident in her understanding of their dynamic and vision.

In terms of wedding photography, Sam loves nothing more than authenticity. Love isn’t perfect or refined around the edges. She strives to capture all the realness and messiness of your love story. She has discovered that one of the keys to capturing that authenticity, is simply getting to know the people she is shooting. She likes to meet up with her clients at least a couple of times before shoving a camera in their face! The more Sam knows about your love story, the more likely it is that she will be able to bring it out in your pictures. Your photos shouldn’t look robotic, posed or unnatural, but rather like you and your boo were all wrapped up in each other, and Sam just happened to be there.

The getting to know you can consist of anything as far as Sam is concerned. She is entirely open to brainstorming over a cup of coffee, or a road trip for engagement photos. She wants to hear your wackiest idea, and help you execute it! You will have a far-from-normal, slightly unusual, down and dirty experience, and be rewarded with timeless photos. She guarantees that you will retell the story to all of your friends, and reminisce about it come every anniversary!

In addition to being a wedding photographer, Sam also co-hosts a monthly event called “Virago Buffalo” that celebrates and empowers women/genderqueer/NB individuals. Each event is different in nature, ranging from being vendor-based, to collaborative, to performance-based – all to raise money for different charities. Most recently, for survivors of domestic abuse. This event is a passion project, and Sam channels all the energy and love she has for the queer community into her wedding photography work. She is in the process of doing a big push to book more LGBTQ+ clients, and to spread the word that they are absolutely celebrated and loved. She believes they deserve as much as anyone to have a collection of timeless photos that display their love. She has also been on an enlightening journey of self-discovery herself, which makes her all the more eager to share in that love and excitement with her LGBTQ+ clients. Sam is proud to be a part of anyone and everyone’s special day. The couples she works with are drifting from stodgy traditions, embracing their uniqueness, bold in their artistic choices and up for anything. Simple as that!

As Silver Dust Visuals wedding photography grows, Sam is staying on top of the latest trends and styles in all aspects of weddings. By experimenting with new techniques, continuing her photography education, and always investing into her collection of gear and software, Sam can ensure that she is providing the highest-quality (and on-trend) photos to you. Contact Silver Dust Visuals wedding photography via our directory here!

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