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Saturday Signs Wedding Signage Joins the Indie Crew!

Saturday Signs wedding signage is the latest wedding pro to join the Indie Crew! A graphic designer by trade, Brittany Statt is a self-taught lettering artist living and working in Rochester, New York.  For the past eight years, she’s honed her craft and worked with countless couples to make their dream signage. Her previous business, “Bee Paper House,” has evolved into a passion for weddings and custom signage.

Try something new

With lots of experience in the wedding industry, Brittany feels like she’s finally found her niche. And though she doesn’t include overly used Pinterest fonts in her work, her designs are definitely pin-worthy. Many often overlook signage in their budget but it’s those small details that stay with people after the wedding is over. It’s such an important component to making a wedding unique. It sets the tone, theme and keeps a wedding moving smoothly.

There are so many wedding signs that follow the “Pinterest formula,” but Saturday Signs takes pride in elevating wedding signage to the next level with more personalized design and messaging. Brittany loves using her skill set and creativity to make someone’s day special, in turn making her special. It’s equally as important that couples connect with their vendors for their big day as it is for them to connect to their clients.

When she’s not working, the Saturday Signs owner uses her creativity elsewhere; she’s a certified homebody and finds herself always working on the next home DIY project or exploring the city of Rochester. She’s an avid coffee drinker and self-proclaimed wine expert, so say hi if you see her out and about.

Another aspect that makes this Saturday Signs so unique is that it’s a solo operation. Like many of our other creative pros, Brittany thrives on her art and works by hand. Working with her not only means supporting a local Rochester artist but getting a single dedicated designer to help bring the vision to life. Her experience over time allows Saturday Signs to be a one-stop shop for all wedding design needs, from wedding logos and websites to signage and paper goods.

Create a wedding with a vision

Brittany takes pride in listening and really getting a feel for what couples are looking for when they meet. At Saturday Signs, no two weddings are the same,  because Brittany does everything solely by hand, adding a unique twist to her approach. This is the ideal fit for creative, modern brides that have a unique vision for the design of their wedding! In addition, while she provides standard wedding needs such as signage and websites, Brittany is always open to unique custom requests and new ideas!

It’s encouraged to come with a vision in mind when meeting with the Saturday Signs designer because it’s important to capture the true essence of the personalization for the wedding. Think beyond the traditional guest book, how do you want your wedding to look and remembered?

Saturday Signs offers fresh wedding signage beyond the industry standard. Brittany encourages out-of-the-box creativity with personalized messaging.  In the future, she wants to expand and offer curated rental packages that include a cost-effective way for people to celebrate with all of the wedding signage needs.

Reach out

Are you ready to brainstorm your wedding branding? Reach out to Brittany through her directory listing!

Want to expand your small wedding business? Join the Indie Crew!

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