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Light-Hearted Wedding Photography Full of Love from Lacey Barber Photography!

Finding a photographer that you can connect with is essential to ensuring your wedding day goes smoothly and you’re both confident that your choice was the right one. Lacey Barber Photography is easy-going, laid back, and focuses on capturing those real moments that look effortless. She makes the whole wedding day simple and easy! She can also turn your wedding photos into amazing gifts, favors and more after the wedding or engagement session through her side hustle Canoe Place Creative! She’s our newest member-photographer and we’re so happy to have her fun-loving photo-perspective on the team! If you can’t wait to reach out to her, check out her directory listing to get in touch with her here!

If you’re a creative wedding professional who would like to be showcased, join the party! Learn more about how right here!

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