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Introducing North Glow Photography & Videography

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Be The Light

Looking for a creative team that will use every tool in their toolbox to tell your story?  Well, you found them in Chelse and Paul of North Glow Photography.  Specializing photography and videography for weddings, special events and family, this dynamic duo is obsessed with creating visuals that represent your special day.  They are driven by light, focused on connection, and inspired by you, they are dedicated to telling your unique story.

Offering Both Photography + Videography to Tell a Story

Offering a hybrid of photography and videography allows North Glow Photography to offer MORE.  MORE of a story that is complete with your personality, your voice, and your day.  A more complete story.

Offering A One-of-A-Kind Experience

“We have the true knowledge of light and photography that many videographers never had the opportunity to gather. By being photographers first. Our product is light driven. Which gives it that next level feel.”

“We can’t not become friends. We can’t not care….too much.  Our goals go beyond making a video. We want our clients to feel comfortable, to not be obtrusive, to understand them. We do this every day, all day.  This is not something we do to make extra money. We are here to elevate the experience and give our client the BEST.  We don’t do this in bulk. We are confident in what we deliver, in both experience and product. We actually vet our clients! As much as they vet us. We want to be sure we are working with people who want what we offer and that we know we can work together creatively and personally.”

Make sure you reach out to North Glow Photography & Videography through their directory listing right here & follow their socials!

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