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Fresh, Watercolor Wedding Decor from BabyBird Bridal

I’m so in love with  the watercolor wedding decor from

BabyBird Bridal! This new business is fresh on the WNY wedding scene. Their event accents that are handmade and are truly one of a kind. Owner Heather believes that favors should be gorgeous as well as functional. That way, they aren’t left behind at the table! All of their items are custom made to match your wedding colors and can be personalized to reflect your style. Rental pieces include centerpieces, signage, place settings, and accent pieces to weave into your special day.

“Cookie cutter weddings are boring.” HEATHER – WE COULDN’T AGREE MORE, GIRL. By offering special handmade pieces that focus around locally made art, Babybird bridal showcases that wedding decor and favors can be gorgeous, elevated and memorable. Reach out to Heather right in her directory listing here!

The Woman Behind BabyBird

Proud Buffalo Boomerang . Former resident of my beloved NYC. Retail and marketing nerd. Type A Organizing Machine. Artist & Creator. Wanna be Gardener. Wine & Cheese Lover. Most importantly; Mamabird to one mischievous, lovable 8 year old boy and one wacky dog.

“Heather, can’t you just go to the hardware store and pick a standard door!?” Says my father, not understanding why I spent 4 months hitting up flea markets, garage sales and vintage shops for a new door for my bedroom. A door that needed to be sanded, stained, and cut to fit perfectly. This door with hinges that needed to be repaired and a door handle needed to be moved. In short, making things one-of-a-kind is just engrained in my soul.

Personally, I don’t want something that looks like everyone else. I certainly don’t want that for the couples that I work with. Therefore, I offer unique pieces that can be customized to match the wedding colors and personalized to match the couples personality. It’s your day, let’s make it look like you.

BabyBird Bridal Beginnings

My story is pretty standard: girl heads to big city from small town in order to chase her dreams. She meets a guy, gets married, buys a house, has a kiddo and successfully climbs the NYC corporate ladder. I was hustling daily to check things off the “life” list. However, I quickly began to realize that sometimes the most important moments are buried in between the big ones.

Meanwhile, things began to feel misaligned and harder than they needed to be in the city. Now looking back, I can see that the universe was pointing me towards a major course correction. I needed a do over and Buffalo was calling me home. Consequently, I put my retail management experience towards growing a local art store. This is where I discovered a passion for painting with alcohol ink. Creating art not only became a way to reconnect with myself and my creativity, but also with the community in my hometown.

In 2019, Babybird was born. Babybird is named after one of my many nicknames for my son. My hope is that by pursuing this small business dream of mine, I can set an example for him that you can make your dreams come true with passion and lots hard work. I also hope that, in a small way, Babybird can be an example for other small business mamas that your dreams matter too and you can balance the dreams of your children while chasing your own.

Small Business, Big Customer Service

With a passion for design and a head for retail buying and marketing, Babybird is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of career and personal experience. I have always wanted my own business, since I was a little girl playing CEO in my parents basement. Furthermore, I love the creative and personal satisfaction of producing something that brings people joy and a little of that WOW! factor to their special day. Babybird is a reflection of me, my style and my values. Being a small, owner operated business provides the ability to meet each couple, get to know them and their personal style and work side by side with them to make their wedding dreams a reality.

You are not just a number in an appointment book, you are a person. You are not just an invoice, you are a couple with a vision and an important event that you have been dreaming of for years. It’s incredibly special to you, I get it. I’ve been there and if I were in your shoes, I would want the person I am working with to treat my celebration with the same care, attention to detail and thoughtfulness that they would provide to their own wedding.

That is what you get with Babybird. As a small business owner, your wedding matters to me. It all starts with a consultation appointment, in which ever way is easiest for you. In person, over zoom or email we talk through your style, your colors, your vision, the details, the options and we are off to the races . I’ll be with you each step of the way to ensure a stress-free, flawless execution of your wedding dream.

Watercolor Wedding Decor from BabyBird Bridal is for Everyone

Nothing is more beautiful that two people making the choice to love each other every day for all the days. I believe in my bones that love is special, its rare and if you are lucky enough to find someone who is your lobster (yep, I’m a Friends fan) then it should be celebrated. Period. Creative. Eclectic. Romantic. Just a few ways to describe the couples I work with at Babybird Bridal. These lovebirds are not looking for a wedding that looks like everything else they have seen on Pinterest or on the blogs. They want something with a certain unique aesthetic for their big day to make it stand out.

Our watercolor wedding decor from Babybird Bridal is a celebration of love. It’s about that big, romantic, joyous party that makes those treasured, everyday moments so very important. The opportunity to work with couples and plan the day which kickstarts a lifetime of beautiful simple moments? That brings an incredible level of satisfaction to my soul.

Make sure you follow along with all of BabyBird’s happenings on the socials! Find the links in their directory listing here!

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