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Flower City Nuptials Wedding Officiant

A white, smiling brunette woman sits with a coffee mug that says, "Best fucking wedding officiant"

But did she stutter?

Keri Klein, Flower City Nuptials owner became an ordained minister to marry two friends whose relationship, she felt, was so beautiful that she just HAD to be a part of it. There’s something really beautiful in that. Over the years, Flower City Nuptials has become a staple in the Rochester, NY wedding community and for good reason.

In her everyday life, Keri’s an English teacher, wife and mom to two beautiful children! Her passion for officiating weddings came from her love for the written word and the love of two people. After 2020, it seems even more magical to join two people together in matrimony.

A set of gold wedding bands rests displayed on an open dictionary with the word marriage.

Flower city Nuptials owner Keri Klein poses with a couple she just married outside.

What makes FCN special

Flower City Nuptials provides custom-written ceremonies. No two are alike. They provide couples who want their wedding day to be unique, a chance to do so with an original ceremony tailored to their wants and needs. Each couple’s love story isn’t cookie-cutter so why should their ceremony be? Flower City Nuptials enjoys being a small business because they can connect with couples and be hands-on.

At your initial meeting, the Flower City Nuptials officiant will get to know you. It’s nice because they want to know all the tea: how you met, your love story, the entire fairytale. Then, they work closely with you to give the exact ceremony you want friends and family to witness. Think of them as being “couple centric.” Flower City Nuptials will weave your love story throughout the ceremony, something not every officiant does.

The FCN officiants ensure that personal details of your relationship are interwoven in your ceremony.

A couple embraces at golden hour on a field. A wedding officiated by Flower City Nuptials.

Flower City Nuptials offers full service

Flower City Nuptials goes above and beyond for its couples. They pay attention to every detail and work to ensure the ceremony is exactly how you want it. An added bonus is that they have amazing connections in the wedding industry. If you’re looking for any recommendations, they’ll guide you in the right direction! You guys, it’s so hard to find people that actually care, and every single Flower City Nuptials wedding officiant cares tremendously about the outcome of your wedding.

Since last year, Keri hired an additional officiant, Katie Miller, to join the Flower City Nuptials team! Katie’s amazing! She’s hilarious and warm, and she also writes all of her ceremonies from scratch, so couples are able to have that one-of-a-kind ceremony regardless of which one of them is officiating! These are seasoned pros who know the ins and outs of weddings and are ready to make your wedding ceremony dreams come true!

A white woman with brunette hair leans against a brick wall in portrait photoshoot as the latest Flower city Nuptials wedding officiant to join Keri Klein, to the right in a jean jacket and green shirt.

Meet Katie! The Flower City Nuptials team expanded to two with the addition of this Rochester officiant!

An African American bride laughs as her white husband kisses her on the head and embraces her at their wedding alter full of flowers with their Flower city Nuptials wedding officiant

Reach out to them through Flower City Nuptials’ directory listing!

If you’re a creative pro and ready to take your side hustle to the next level, let’s get started!

Special thanks to NSP Studio, Liv T Photography, Kortni Maria for the photos!

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