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Flower City Letters Wedding Calligraphy

Let’s welcome Flower City Letters wedding calligraphy to the Indie Weddings crew! Calligraphy adds warmth and intimacy to gifts and weddings. There are feelings that can only come from something created by hand with care. Elaina’s dedication to her craft allows her to be able to enhance clients’ thoughtful words and ideas with beautiful, handwritten script. Everything she creates is 100% by hand and one-of-a-kind. Once you get to know her here, head over to her directory listing to reach out today!

Flower City Letters Wedding Calligraphy

I grew up in a suburb of Rochester and eventually gravitated toward the city. Now I live near Highland Park with my soon-to-be husband and three cats. Rochester has my heart and it has so much to offer. I love working for local clients and adding to the artistry and passion that is abound in Upstate NY. I love enhancing thoughtful words with beautiful, handwritten script. You can often find me in my studio with my calligra-cat, Olive, nearby (or on my lap…). I specialize in several styles of pointed pen calligraphy. Additionally, these styles are shown in my hand engraving.

With over six years of experience, training from calligraphy masters around the world, and 100+ happy clients, I have the ability and passion to create connection through the written word for you. After taking a book design class in grad school for my publishing degree, I realized I wanted to pursue a craft away from the computer. Moreover, I needed to create something tactile with my hands. Little did I know that calligraphy would change my life and become an enormous passion of mine.

I consider myself a lifelong student of calligraphy and engraving. I regularly take classes and practice to improve and add to my offerings. Calligraphy is often your guests’ first impression of your wedding, so I know how important it is to get it right! My craft is my passion, but I also have so much fun with it. Calligraphy can be elegant, bright, serious, profound, whimsical, and silly – whatever your mood and aesthetic for your wedding, it’s the perfect enhancer.

The Hands on Experience

Flower City Letters wedding calligraphy encompasses many items. For example, invitations, envelope addressing, place cards, and wedding signage! Additionally, I create art pieces like custom love letters, frameable wedding vows, and more. Also, I am available for live calligraphy events like personalizing stationery or items at weddings and bridal showers.

I can engrave on glass, metal, and some plastics, all by hand and completely custom. This can make great wedding favors or place cards! Consider engraved wine glasses and wine bottles. Why not have me at your next event for live engraving! Guests love seeing their personalization happen right in front of them!

My business is passionate about helping people slow down and connect with each other. A lot of weddings and the wedding industry can be go, go, go, but Flower City Letters would like to help with reminding guests and couples to slow down and take it all in, create lasting memories. Our clients appreciate and value art, connecting with others, and creating beautiful, long-lasting memories with loved ones.

Flower City Letters believes love is love is love is love. My work enthusiastically celebrates and supports love of all kinds and strives to be inclusive in every way. Whether it be race, creed, sexuality, gender – all are welcome and embraced. Please know when you contact me about calligraphy for your wedding, I take great care in every step.  I want to give your love the attention to detail and beauty it deserves.

Reach out to Elaina in our directory today and make sure you’re following her on the socials!

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