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Farmhouse Table Makes Delicious Food for Any Event

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Farmhouse Table makes sustainable food perfect for any event. What makes this husband and wife duo, Mike and Sarah Hasenauer, so special is that their food is fresh and sourced from local farms in Upstate New York, keeping the heart of the business close to home.

Started out as a pop-up now we here

In 2015, Farmhouse Table started as a pop-up to host farm-to-table dinners and a weekly ‘picnic’ basket delivery service. The couple also regularly attended local farmer’s markets with fresh foods and baked goods, building relationships with others. After that, the duo’s network of local farmers grew. From that, they utilized raw ingredients from farms to create dishes from scratch and combine them with vintage recipes. Who the hell doesn’t love family recipes?

The couple works hard to highlight different foods, showcasing what various regions have to offer. They dominate in the kitchen with Mike creating delectable meals and Sarah expertly handling all of the baking. Their expert culinary skills make it possible for them to customize pretty much anything to match an aspiring vision. Farmhouse Table works closely with over 65 local farms & vendors to provide a seamless integration of good food and style! It’s their mission to use as many seasonal fruits, vegetables, and products to provide clients with the highest quality of ingredients during their event, a quality that’s so unique.

What makes the food from Farmhouse Table even more delicious is their dedication to showing all of their clients respect by using correct pronouns, welcoming inclusivity not just their couples but in their work, too! They work so closely with their couples in order to execute the desired vision they have for their special events that celebrating love is the most important thing to them. The entire team goes the extra mile for their clients. Your guests won’t be leaving hungry!

Prime rib appetizers prepared by Farmhouse Table.
Holiday dinner spread with food prepared by Farmhouse Table.// Closeup of Farmhouse Table branded napkins for a photo shoot.
Charcuterie board made with food from local farms that Farmhouse Table works with for special events. // Three breakfast sandwiches on display on black board.
Bright food bard created by Farmhouse Table for a photo shoot event.
Colorful charcuterie board food created by Farmhouse Table for a styled shoot event

Hit them up

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a killer spread to not only indulge in but take photos of and post on the gram? Reach out to these sustainability badasses through their directory listing! 

Photos courtesy of North Glow Photography, Joelle M. Photography, Jacalyn Meyvis Photography

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