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Engagement and wedding ring solutions for modern couples!

H&H Weddings is dedicated to providing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples with high end resources to plan and create a one-of-a-kind event. Every couple dreams of the perfect day that is exclusively theirs. Our goal is to help you put together a timeless and personal fête that you and your loved ones will always remember.”

These days, gay and straight couples alike are facing challenges when it comes to rings. Many couples don’t feel tied to the tradition of the female wearing an engagement ring and both partners exchanging new rings on the wedding day. It’s understandable that one partner doesn’t want to feel like they’ve been “marked territory” while the other partner remains “unclaimed” to the world until matrimony.

LGBT couples run the gamut in terms of rings. Some exchanged promise rings years ago when same sex marriage was not legal. Other couples never exchanged rings at all, meanwhile, there are couples exchanging engagement rings. So, for all of these couples, what are we to do about the big day?

For couples that have been wearing engagement or promise rings, one suggestion is engraving the rings with your wedding date or a special line. This way the couple is without rings for a month or so before the wedding and the rings exchanged feel new!

Some couples prefer to just keep the rings they have. There is no real need for a ring exchange if you don’t want, or if you do want to exchange rings, remove them the day of and exchange again! This can be fun and feel like a recommitment to one another.

For couples that have been wearing promise/engagement rings for years, it might be nice to get new rings for the next chapter in your lives, where your love is celebrated and recognized by everyone. In a case like this, we suggest stringing the old rings on a necklace, or wearing them on another finger. Clearly, you want to remember that time in your relationship.

Old rings, new rings, or no rings at all, whatever you do should be a meaningful commitment to the love of your life. You and your partner should decide what reflects your personalities best!

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