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DIY Wedding Favors and Decor with MBellished Events!


Hey ladies – It’s Melissa from M bellished Events!

   At MBellished Events, we specialize in creative and crafty ways to personalize any event – weddings, showers, birthdays, and other celebrations. We can help you add personal touches that are chic, distinctive and elegant; that express you and your personality.

    Utilizing a collaborative process, we will listen to your ideas, and help you create the event that best expresses you.

   We had a blast sponsoring the DIY Department at the Buffalo and Rochester Indie Weddings’ spring bridal shows!  It was great to see so many brides getting their craft on!

    For us, when we think of a memorable event – it’s the smallest details that set it apart, the personal touches that represent you and your personality.  With the explosion of Pinterest and Etsy – we know that brides have fallen in love with DIY projects and the crafted wedding look.  They are looking for ways to give their special day a creative, unique touch. We had this in mind when we put together this blog showcasing a few of our favorite DIY projects from the show.  We didn’t want anyone to miss out on these super cool, totally easy, completely cost effective favor projects that will leave your guests with a reminder of all the fun they had!   Remember – you can customize all of these with colors to match your style of theme!


FAN FAVOR – A great way to ensure your guests stay cool at those hot summer weddings!

Supplies:   12×6 piece of paper / Popsicle sticks / Glue gun


1.  Accordion fold the paper every 1 inch

2.  Fold the folded stack in half & staple in the crease

3.  Glue a pair of edges together & glue 2 Popsicle sticks to the remaining edges

4.  Bring together to create a handle

Q21A0608 copy

PIN WHEEL – Could be a unique centerpiece or a whimsical name card

Supplies:    Paper straws /   Paper square (4×4)   /  Brads  /  Paper punch


1.  Start with a square of your favorite paper

2.  Fold corner to corner, unfold and then fold the opposite side corner to corner

3.  On each fold line, make a pencil mark about 1/3 of the way from the center

4.  Cut along the folded like up to the pencil mark

5.  Punch the right corner of each side

6.  Bring together the paper punched ends into the center and stick a brad through all four points

7.  Turn the pin wheel over to make sure the brad goes through the center

8.  Attach the brad to the straw


UPCYCLED PARTY FAVOR – A fun way to present your guests with your favorite treats!

Supplies:   Recycled toilet paper rolls / Paper /  Stapler  /  Tape /  Paper punch


1.  Cover roll with decorative paper securing with tape

2.  Pinch one end flat

3.  Staple along the bottom

4.  Flatten out the roll on the opposite side in the opposite direction

 5.  Fill with candy, confetti, or whatever you like

 6.  Punch a hole & tie with a ribbon on top

Q21A0607 copy
Q21A0614 copy

Check out the most recent issue of With Love Magazine for more of our new DIY ideas, and follow Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings for more of my inspiration every month! All photos courtesy Poppyseed Photography and North Glow Photography.

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