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DIY Favor Tags with Wooden Beads

This weekend we got to hang out on the Roycroft Campus right on the porch of The Power House and DIY’ed all day! The Roycroft had it’s first art and antique show of the summer which is a great way to experience the entire campus and check out the venue spaces for your upcoming event! This DIY craft was inspired by the origins of the campus as a printing house, with antique letter press machines and so much more on display. We wanted to create a little something cute that would be easily incorporated into various elements of your wedding decor.



Supplies: Tissue Paper / Gift Tags (store bought or handmade) / Wooden Beads / String / Scissors


Start by cutting the tissue paper into strips about 5-6″ wide. You’ll fold the tissue paper to cut the fringe, so decide how long you want the tassle fringe to be, then double that and cut those lengths.


Fold the tissue paper in half, with the fold on top, and cut thin strips towards the folded edge, but stop at least 1″ away from the edge. The cutting goes quicker if you fold the tissue paper onto itself 😉


Unfold the tissue paper so the fringe edges are on either side as above. Begin folding the tissue paper onto itself, smoothing the fringe away so it doesn’t get folded in on itself!


Once you have the tissue folded as thinly as you can, twist the center section as tightly as you can. It needs to be tight so you can get the bead on it!


Take the string and loop both loose ends through the tassel and gift tag, and slip knot the top so it stays put!


Try this in your favorite colors, and add to just about anything! Get creative with the patterns and sizes for your unique event!

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