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Crescent Moon Rentals Transforms Luxury Wedding Bathroom Rentals

Crescent Moon Rentals is what weddings need

Crescent Moon Rentals transforms Luxury wedding bathroom rentals in Western New York. Owners Brittany and Erik Cramer are a power team couple that came up with the mobile rental idea when they couldn’t find what they wanted for their wedding. And boy, are they taking luxury restroom rentals to the next level! Outhouses are OUT.

As of now, Crescent Moon Rentals has a single custom-made unit that’s out of this world. They’re working toward expanding and getting their idea off the ground, by serving a 100-mile radius from Youngstown, NY. The couple strives to make your event feel like home, and that’s what makes them the perfect addition to the Indie Crew!

These two want to get to know their couples

Though the couple graduated from the same high school, they didn’t meet until four years post-graduation. They both value building connections with people, which is why they purposely chose the small-town lifestyle. The two love talking with their couples and seeing how they can make their reception that much better!

In 2017, when the couple was planning their wedding, they were less than impressed with what was on the market at the time. They wanted something aesthetically pleasing to match their rustic theme but also something that was affordable. When that didn’t happen — Erick decided to build it with his welding background.

His passion for learning how mechanical objects also played a decent motivational factor. That explains why Crescent Moon Rentals luxury bathroom mobile trailer stands out from any other in its field, it was created by people who saw a spot in the market & made it better. Anyone else wishing they had their own version of Erick? Having some that handy is a blessing.

The trailer is designed to fit in any backyard or event space without sticking out. It blends in with a shed-like exterior and its faux windows with floral window boxes. It sits low to the ground with a large platform making it easy to enter vs the commercial box mobile restrooms. Those might have nice interiors but the exterior is atrocious and takes away from your wedding vibe. Not Crescent Moon, though. The trailer is fitted with LED eco-friendly lights, water metering faucets, a waterless urinal and low flush toilets.

Reach out to them

Never thought we’d talk this much about bathrooms and yet here we are! Our members are the most creative pros in the Western New York circuit. With this luxury bathroom rental, outdoor events no longer have to include porta potties.

Outside of the wedding industry, Brittany works as a full-time registered nurse in the maternal-child field. She’s passionate about helping others around her and it transcends to every aspect of her life. Crescent Moon Rentals is raising the bar on luxury bathroom rentals, and we’re here for it!

To reach Crescent Moon Rentals, check out their directory listing!

If you’re a small business wedding entrepreneur who wants to expand, join the Indie Crew!

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