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Bridal Inspirations : Winter Wedding Love

We live in Buffalo. We deal with the snow, the cold, the frost, the ice, the dark months where our beautiful summer tans quickly fade away and wearing heels becomes serious work. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to hibernate & call it quits during the winter, but if you’re a bold bride, why not embrace this snowy season & get married in a winter wonderland?

Top 5 Reasons Why Off-Season Weddings Rock

  1. Your guests are overloaded with invites during this time! June-August, they are most likely bombarded with wedding plans & a full schedule. Spacing yours out allows them a chance for a fun night out & a beautiful wedding in the middle of an otherwise slow time.

  2. You won’t be a hot, shiny, sweaty mess! And your groom & his men will certainly thank you for not making them stand outside in August in a three piece suit! Be sure to keep your girls warm with thick tights, lovely shawls, adorable matching mittens & well planned photo locations.

  3. You will have unique photos! Unlike all of your friends, your photos will be glamorous, magical & timeless, in a snowy landscape or unique setting. Make sure to book a photographer who will get creative with you! We recommend our member photographers, who are all listed here!

  4. Your ceremony & reception can be extra cozy! Think candlelit ceremony, comfortable cocktail hour with hot drinks, warm meals and snuggled-up dancing. Make your guests feel the love by creating an extra-warm and inviting space for them to enjoy during your big day!

  5. And the best reason? You can save BIG! Almost all vendors off an off-season discount or booking bonuses for couples who will take a chance in the usually shunned late fall/winter/early spring months. Be sure to ask all your vendors about this before booking!

Here’s a few ideas for winter weddings that we LOVE! Be sure to check out more on our Pinterest page!

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