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Becca From Lemon Ink Design Introduces Herself to Buffalo Couples

Becca Hemink from Lemon Ink Design is taking over the blog & introducing herself to Buffalo couples! This southern girl has learned to appreciate Western New York’s charm. Lemon Ink Design is a side hustle for Becca that’s her passion, she loves creating invitations, signage for Buffalo couples, and adding personal details in her work! Planning a wedding is much more than picking a date and time, it’s an experience. Becca and her exceptional handwriting are ready to take Buffalo couples’ wedding invites and any signage to the next level with Lemon Ink Design! Check out those hangers, OMG! Get to know Becca in her introductory letter!

Hi! I’m Becca!

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, and now live in Hamburg, New York. Yes, it’s cold. No, I will never be okay with it. But here I am – more than 10 years later! I have to admit; I do love WNY… in the summer and fall. There is so much to do, so many amazing places to eat, and the outdoor activities are endless. All around, it’s pretty great – if only winters were normal and ended after three months.

I moved upstate to go to college, which was a big and bold move. My background is in Industrial Design, which I majored in at RIT. Since 2014, I’ve been working at Fisher-Price as a Lead Product Designer, designing toys for newborn babies across the world. Talk about a dream job! I have the freedom to be creative all day AND design toys for babies – what could be better?

I’ve always been around art and creative minds; my mom is an art teacher, my brother is a sound engineer, my aunt is a graphic designer. Design is what I know, it’s what I love. I’m happy I now get to share it in a new way – cue Lemon Ink Design.

Lemon Ink Design is a new name for what used to be called Queen B Lettering. It all started with neat handwriting. Taking notes, filling out long forms at the DMV or writing a recipe card was more fun when it looked pretty. So I started practicing, watching videos and following every person on Instagram who did modern lettering. This was my new thing, I loved it! And soon, people were asking me to make things for them. Every weekend turned into craft shows, selling my work. I loved the hustle, and I really loved meeting so many new people. It was fun to hear stories of where people would hang my art, or who they were gifting it to. And then I got engaged…

After getting married in 2019, my love for all things wedding took over. The process of working with vendors, picking colors and creating mood boards, really brought my vision to life – it was all so exciting to me! I wasn’t ready to let it go after I got married. That’s when Queen B Lettering soon became Lemon Ink Design, and weddings became my thing!

I enjoy working with newly engaged couples. I love hearing their love story. How did they meet? What is their favorite local restaurant? (Mine is The Grange in Hamburg, BTW). What do they want their invites to look like? Invites… WHAT? I know, I know. It’s just paper. But it’s the most important paper ever! Invitations are the first look into your wedding. What will guests get to experience? What do they have to look forward to? Besides actually getting married to the love of your life, I think it’s the best part (flowers and food are amazing, too).

There is something special about being a small business owner in WNY. The community is so supportive. Everyone wants to share their experience, collaborate on projects, and have fun together. Buffalo has so many amazing artists and creatives, all striving to share what they love. I like learning from everyone and getting to work with people who genuinely love my craft.

Owning a business is hard and it’s a ton of work, but when I hand over an invitation suite, and I can see the pride a couple has and the excitement they share, it makes everything worth it. My love for neat handwriting and organized notes quickly became my passion for wedding invitations then signage, place cards, table numbers, and then vow books, so basically anything that was designed or handwritten to enhance the perfect wedding day.

But weddings aren’t my only love, I promise. I have lots of hobbies. My husband would probably say I have too many hobbies (as if that’s even possible.) Some of my favorite things include modern embroidery, logo design, macramé, linoleum block printing, baking (and eating said baked goods) and… PLANTS! Gardening is a creative hobby, right? Oh, and my cat, Darla Cotton. She’s not exactly a hobby but loving her sure is!

Well, that’s me, in a nutshell. I like to stay busy, redecorate my house, and play in my garden. If you’re newly engaged and want some awesome custom invitations, let’s chat! I know where the best local breakfast sandwich is located, let’s meet and eat, and order a mimosa – hold the orange juice.


If you’re obsessed with her work as much as we are, reach out through Lemon Ink’s directory listing here! Also, be sure to follow all of their socials!

If you’re a creative wedding vendor who wants to join our phenomenal roster of local pros, learn how right here!

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