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Are you looking for something sweet?

Meet your sweet new best friend.....Half-Baked Cookies. Angie, owner of this delicious cookie company started out in her own kitchen armed with a spatula and determined to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. She not only perfected the recipe for the most ooey, gooey blissful chocolate chip cookie, but she went on to offer a wide assortment of decadent premium cookies and continues to introduce new flavors weekly!

Made with love and using the highest-quality local ingredients, Half Baked Cookies can provide individually wrapped cookies for the most functional of party favors in either cute little minis or full size cookies for a magnificent dessert table.

Why Cookies as Favors?

"I love the idea of Half Baked for wedding favors because I've been to so many weddings and have received odd favors that I then need to find somewhere to put for the next few years before I feel I can throw it out," confides Angie.

"At my own wedding this summer I made a variety of mini Half Baked Cookies and loaded up the dessert table. I provided cute take away bags and guests were encouraged to fill a bag as their favor."

How do you Approach Customer Service?

"Treat them like family and accommodate ALL THE REQUESTS." Ok, Angie-we are on BOARD! You have our sweet tooth and creative tastebuds thinking! Angie and her team not only come up with incredible flavors, but also inspect each and every batch of cookies testing for taste and quality. This ensures that each cookie is one that they themselves would buy.

Learn more about Angie and Half Baked Cookies here!


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