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Adore Studio Wedding Photography

Welcome Dana Goodemote, the eye behind Adore Studio wedding photography to the Indie Crew! Dana started photographing as a teenager and quickly learned that she had a passion for it. At 17 years old, she started her first internship working with a local wedding photographer. Later, she went to Villa Maria College and completed her associate’s degree in photography.

Making history

During that time she worked for many other photographers in Buffalo. It wasn’t until 2007 that she decided it was time to go out on her own. She opened her wedding studio as one of the first woman-owned wedding photography companies in Buffalo, NY. Can you believe it? She’s a badass.

Her business took off right away. Who knew brides wanted to work with a woman photographer? Adore Studio has stayed successful ever since. This is partly because she loves learning and growing to serve her amazing clients. Working with people one-on-one brings her genuine joy. Photographing the beauty and confidence in her clients, getting to know them and their story, is something that comes naturally to her.

Unlike some other photographers, Dana’s certified in photographing women and the female form. This works as a huge advantage come wedding day because she knows how to have her brides pose in the most flattering way. In turn, she’s able to capture her brides at ease, looking happy because they feel and look their best. When working with Adore Studio wedding photography, by the time your wedding day comes, you’ll feel like old friends with your photographer.

Feel like old friends

Dana works closely with her clients to build out a wedding day photography agenda. With it, you receive emails throughout the process to help guide you and prepare you for your big day. Adore Studio doesn’t only do wedding photography, but engagement, portrait and boudoir sessions. All portrait sessions with Adore come with professional hair and makeup. Dana also offers professional-grade albums, framed prints and canvases to go with the sessions. The team also creates professional heirloom albums & prints to last from generation to generation. From start to finish, every product in her studio showcases quality materials & design.

When it comes to photographing and drawing inspiration, Dana turns to fashion magazines. It gives her a fresh perspective of what is current and chic. It’s all about quality over quantity. To ensure this, Dana only books one wedding a day, & a limited number of weddings a year. All of her attention goes to her couples.

Reach out

Reach out to Dana through her directory listing!

If you’re a creative pro and want to join the Indie Crew, reach out to us!

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