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At Seventh Arrow, your special day means the world to us. That moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life, when you see your soulmate at the end of the aisle? We’ll capture it. And chances are, we might shed a few tears behind the lens too. We want you to let us into your world so we can see it as you want it remembered. We’ll be there with you as you slip into your dress, as you kiss your new spouse for the first time, as you twirl across the dance floor. We’re there so that fifty years from now when you’re sitting by the fire with your beloved, you can look back on the photos and remember your wedding like it was yesterday. You already did the hard part, finding your soulmate – let us do the rest. Amanda and Sarah have been working together for over seven years now and have shot what feels like hundreds of weddings as a team. We are both lead shooters, so if one of us is booked the other will fill in! After working together for so long our work is very similar and we guarantee that photographs from either of us will live up to Seventh Arrow standards – and yours!


Amanda Rosenberg

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